executive series



  • high-purity inner conductor made of 3G 2.5 mm² OFC-copper
  • high-quality cable shielding
  • premium FURUTECH FI-E12L jacks with rhodium-plated, angled contacts
  • important: both plugs are completely flippable like you can see at the picture below during installation process - please tell your dealer the wished angle you want to order
  • any desired length manufacturable
  • the phase is marked with a point
  • high-quality outer wrapper with carbon-design
  • individual handmade in Germany


length in meters 1,20 1,50 1,80 each additional 0,30 meter cord supply
in Euro
579,00 599,00 619,00 + 20,00

manufacturer's suggested retail price in Euro/piece (incl. 19% sales tax)