executive series

LS 425 RHODIUM bi-amping

Made in Germany


  • 4 x 2.5 mm² QUAD-construction
  • high-purity inner conductor made of OFC-copper
  • highly flexible 0.07 mm² copper strands
  • inner conductor constructed according to rotation principle
  • rhodium-plated hollow-bananas included (other executive banana-versions availible)
  • high-quality outer wrapper with carbon-design
  • any desired length manufacturable
  • individual handmade in Germany


Every executive loudspeaker cable is compatible with all types of executive bananas. You can choose for free which type of banana you want to add at your new loadspeaker cable. Please let your dealer know, which type of bananas you wish to add.

executive banana variants


length in meters 2 x 2,00 2 x 3,00 2 x 4,00 2 x 5,00 each additional 1,00 stereo meter
in Euro
999,00 1199,00 1399,00 1599,00 200,00

manufacturer's suggested retail price in Euro/piece (incl. 19% sales tax)